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Car rentals for film, movie, television, commercial or events

This list gives you the oportunity to find rentals of interesting and original cars and vehicles for your project or production: cinema movie, film and television, video, commercial, photoshoot or different events like wedding, PR and automotive events, shows, exhibitions or promotional marketing display. Best place for original car and vehicle rental for film, television and events .

All cars are located in Central Europe region – Czech Republic and Slovakia with possible transport all over Central Europe (Budapest in Hungary, Vienna in Austria etc). Other locations upon request. Most of the cars are in original, period correct condition.

Every single car / vehicle is rented with driver or is delivered directly to the production / event location. Car rental price is individual and set by its owner. If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact us via contact form or via mail info (a)

All of these cars were introduced in Car stories (Príbehy áut) or in videoblogs. If you are interested in renting car that is not on this list, please let us know and we do our best to find it for you.

Mercedes-Benz 500 SE W126 (1979 – 1992)

Luxury limousine that represents the best out of the automotive world especially in the 80s. A real flagship from Western Germany automaker Mercedes-Benz that was later replaced by even bigger successor „The Cathedral“ W140/C140
Video presentation of this car:

Mercedes-Benz 300CE W124 (1984-1995)

Timeless design that aged very well. Elegant and stylish coupé based on the W124 generation Mercedes-Benz. What is more, this combination of 3.0 inline 6 engine and smooth automatic transmission makes it ideal for comfortable gentleman ride. This car is in perfect original condition.
Video presentation of this car:

Hummer H1 (1992-2006)

This car is notoriously known all over the world, even in Europe which seems to have small roads for it. It is based on military special vehicle Humvee and shares many components with it. A perfect car to shine on your event, show or production location. It is a 4 seat version with hardtop. Hummer H1 is a pure gem.
Video presentation of this car: soon

GAZ 21 Volga (1956-1970)

A classic which comes from ex Soviet Union (CCCP / USSR) that gives you the possibility to enjoy the upper class car from this era. This example is in original unrestored condition. This generation was later replaced (in 1970) with younger and bettern known GAZ 24 Volga.
Video presentation of this car:

If you own interesting car that you would like to rent or show in video, please contact us via form or e-mail info (a)